My Moser 12 Bolt Rear End:

I picked this bad boy up in Dec 2000 when my car was resting for the winter.  It is one of the last items I expect to buy for my beast.  I bought it set up with 33 spline axles, Eaton HD posi, ABS support and 4:10 gears.  Unlike the stock 10 bolt rear that uses C-Clips to hold the axles in place, this 12 bolt uses a bearing pressed on each axle which is then held into the rear axle housing by the brake bracket.  It is a really nice setup.  No axles shooting out the side of the rear like with the stocker.  I doubt I would break these brutes anyways.

Here are some pictures:
This is an unpainted view from the rear;
This is a view of the side - unpainted;
This is the other side - unpainted;
Here is a picture of it painted;
And another one of it painted;
Stock vs Moser 33 spline axle;
Another view of stock vs moser 33 spline;
Here it is partially installed!;

Here are pictures of my Spohn TA rear mount position which needed to be ground down with a grinder and have the holes drilled out so that I could mount it properly on the Moser 12 bolt.

bracket picture 1;
bracket picture 2;
bracket picture 3 mounted on rear;

More pictures to come as I get time.

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