One of the many new additions for 2000 is a set of "Ported" Canfield heads.  They are a little less expensive than AFR's, but most performance shops I have talked to really like there performance over all other options in their price range.  They have 200cc intake ports, 2.055" Intake/1.60" Exhaust valves and a basic cleanup job.

Here are some pictures of what they look like:
This is a picture of the top view.
This is a picture of all chambers.
This is a close up on one of the chambers.
Here is a picture of the intake port
This is a picture of the exhaust side of the head.
This is a close up of the exhaust port.

I disassembled the heads to look at them closer and found a couple of things that bothered me:
This is a picture of the intake bowl/seat area.  Notice the comments about the ridge.  Why it is there I think I know, but it should have been cleaned up in my opinion!  Here is another picture of the same thing.

My friend Larry Kurek took care of this for me cleaned up.  What a guy.  Anyway, at that time we also noticed that each of the intake valve seats protruded out from the head a little bit.  This is a potential hot spot which may lead to detonation so we took care of it.

Another thing I ended up changing on the heads were the valve stem seals.  I have heard mixed results of teflon/PC valve stem seals.  So I searched out a source for Viton valve stem seals that would work with my application.  They needed to be for 0.530" guide OD, 11/32" valve stem diameter and fit within my inner spring of my Isky springs (ID is ~0.723"). I searched fairly high and low for them and finally found a place that sold the style I was looking for.  That place was Total Engine Airflow out of Bowling Green, KY.  What a nice bunch of guys.

Here is what these VITON valve stem seals look like:
Picture 1         Picture 2        Picture 3 (harder on the eyes)

Here is the process I used to install the seals:
1) Installing valve into guide
2) Installing valve spring seats
3) Installing seal on valve stem
4) Installing the seal on the guide
5) All seals installed
6) Half way done with the head!

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