Home made Hooker Long Tube Header Y-Pipe page:

I hate the flanges that come on the hooker Long tube headers so I cut them off and welded on some ball flanges.  Here is a picture of the construction of the y-pipe y-pipe-building1.jpg and here is a second one: y-pipe-building2.jpg.  Here is the finished y-pipe-unpainted.  This is a comparison of my old MMC y-pipe and the new homemade one.  Here is the finished y-pipe.  Here is the y-pipe's clearance from the stock "g-load" brace.  Here is a second clearance picture.  Finally here is a picture of the Mr Gasket Header Studs that I am using.  They are very nice and make bolting up the headers a breeze.

NOTE:  I know the 90* bends in this y-pipe are not as efficient as the 45* bends that the MMC y-pipe uses.  I am not too concerned about it though since it is still 3" mandrel bent tubing.  I made this y-pipe so I could use a torque arm like the Steve Spohn TA that bolts to the same spot as the factory "G-Load" brace.  The MMC y-pipe cannot be used with this type of TA.  I also want to stress that I am neither a fabricator nor a welder (and it shows) so no need to comment on my skill level regarding that.

Here are some pictures of my home made y-pipe with cats. Hope it works since I am due for an Emissions test!! 
Half way done
Half way done with view from Front
Almost done side
Almost done front

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