My Street Twin Clutch:

I have tried many clutches on my LT1 and the only one that can hold the power is the McLeod Street twin. If you have a stock or mildy modified LT1 I would stick with a stock GM clutch. Most aftermarket clutches don't have the streetable characteristics as the stock unit. If you have a fairly heavily modified (>400RWHP) I would go with the street twin!!

Here are some pictures:
The McLeod ST flywheel;
Flywheel/disk1/Floater disk/disk2 stacked;
Partially installed ST;
Installed ST;

Here is an example of how poorly the canton oil pan seals in the rear: below rear main. The leak is not from the rear main seal but instead from the pan gasket which doesn't get enough pressure at the point just below the rear main seal adaptor due to the canton pan.

More pictures to come as I get time.

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