Well I ended up going to the track (Great Lakes Dragway) on 9/26/2001.  It has been 3 years since I did my 396 rebuild and decided it was time.  I must say I was pretty disappointed by the results.  Two of my better runs were as follows:

60' 1/8 E.T. 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 E.T. 1/4 MPH
1.992 8.189 89.63 10.575 12.561 113.53
1.931 8.149 88.78 10.552 12.550 112.82

 If you have TTS Datamaster and want to take a look at these two runs feel free.  Datamaster run 1 and Datamaster run 2.  I attribute this to 3 things right now.  1) My canfield heads are pretty much stock castings.  Just a very minor amount of clean up work done.  If you look at that page you will see what I am talking about.  Very minor. (like bolting on a set of stock LT4 castings without porting them)  2) The car is not tuned at all.  I really need to get it on a dyno and have it tuned.  After I decide what to do about the heads.  I will probably pull them and have a reputable shop port them.  3) the motor seems to burn some oil.  I am unsure what this means.  Valve stems maybe, but it could be a sign that the rings are bad for some reason.  

A couple of other things on my mind are the Canfield heads don't have the holes for the tabs on the intake manifold gaskets to snap into.  I had to use an adhesive to kind of keep the gaskets in place and then drop the intake on them.  The gaskets could have shifted without me knowing causing 1) vacuum leak 2) partial interference in the intake path etc.  Who knows.


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